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Lazy J's Doggie Spa

About Us

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Our Company
Lazy J's Doggie Spa is located in New Lisbon, WI and was founded in 1997 by Janiece Zablotski who is the original designer as well as the sole owner and operator today.
I oversee the daily operation of Lazy J's Doggie Spa as well as walk, feed and offer my personal attention to all the pets, as well as my own 2 Newfoundlands, cat and 2 bunnies.
I strive for customer satisfaction and provide a beautiful and stress-free environment for your pet while you are away on business or vacation.
Our Site
The most relaxed, happy and stress free kennel situated on 20 acres and set in the most beautiful park like setting you will ever find for your pet.
The kennels are huge 7' X 14' indoor/outdoor with play area, toys and a 2 foot deep pool and a sandbox for digging to their hearts content, but the most unique feature of the kennel is the open-air concept (weather permitting), the building can be completely opened. Something the guests love - plenty of fresh air & a great view whether they're inside or out.  During the winter months the kennel is heated & kept toasty warm.
Meals are prepared and served exactly like at home -  you bring your own food so that they eat what they are used to at home.  We offer biscuits and a variety of treats.  I make my own dog biscuits using rice flour and all healthy, fresh ingredients.  If i do buy treats, they are american made only.
For your pet's listening pleasure the music playz 24 hrs. a day as well as toys in every kennel and a nightly massage. It doesn't get better than this!
I reside on the premises, so the dogs have 24hr. supervision. I am a one woman operation and the only one who cares for the dogs, so your pet only has to become familar with one person & not a revolving staff.



Our Mission Statement
I believe in the highest quality of services for all my customers and provide your pet with state of the art kennels as well as personal care and attention.
I believe my customers are my greatest asset, and am dedicated to serving your needs.



Lazy J's Doggie Spa
New Lisbon, WI
(608) 847-3005